Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How far should NASCAR’s “boys have at it” stance be allowed to go?

A rivalry that bordered on downright feuding seemed to brew between Brad Keselowski and Denny Hamlin back in 2008 NS carried over well into 2009, with Hamlin seeming to carry more of the bitter emotion. While the two never publicly mended fences, that rivalry seems to have cooled only for another one to take its place—a fireworks and bended sheet metal-filled rivalry between Keselowski and Carl Edwards.

The two drivers brought mainstream media attention, actually last sprint at Talladega, when the two got together on the final lap and parts of Edwards’ car showered the grandstands, but Edwards admitted fault, saying he tried unsuccessfully to block Keselowski, and the two drivers seemed to hold no ill will between them.

Fast forward to the race at Atlanta Motor Speedway early this season, and Edwards was noticeably irked, to say the least, at Keselowski.

The two made contact early in the race that resulted in Edwards’ No. 99 car spending some 80+ laps in the garage for repairs. Returning to the track with revenge in mind, Edwards spun Keselowski intentionally (he admitted his intent on national television immediately after the race), sending Keselowski airborne and over, somewhat reminiscent of the final lap in the race at Talladega in 2009.

Again, an incident between these two gave NASCAR mainstream publicity, as it was discussed the following Monday on morning news shoes, including ABC’s Good Morning America.

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Photo of Brad Keselowski by Amanda Vincent


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