Thursday, September 30, 2010

Kenny Wallace, Brian Scott have heated discussion via Twitter

Kenny Wallace seemed to unintentionally set off a Twitter war between himself and fellow-NASCAR Nationwide Series driver Brian Scott earlier this week. The Tweet from Wallace that set Scott off:

“MY THOUGHTS. . Trevor Bayne is a good driver, He will get a ride Imediately! . . Brian Scotts dad is wealthy he will BUY a ride Imediately. .

Wallace’s tweets were in response to announcements this week that both Bayne and Scott were parting ways with the teams they had driven for this season, up to that point.

Not long afterward, Scott tweeted back with this response:

“Jees @kenny_wallace thanks for all the kind words. . . Not! You should maybe give me a chance or get to know me first. . . Your choice.”

On some level, Wallace may have brought up an interesting—and disturbing to some—trend of some drivers seeming to buy their way into national level competition. But Brian Scott?

Whether or not Scott’s family has money and whether or not that money played a part in helping him reach the level he is currently competing at aside, at least Scott seems to have the talent to make the best of the opportunity the money may or may not have gotten him.

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