Thursday, September 16, 2010

With Chase system, does points leader after 26 races deserve recognition?

Should Kevin Harvick receive some kind of recognition, in the form of perhaps a special trophy, for being the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series regular season champion? Of course, he still has a shot at the big Sprint Cup trophy awarded at season’s end, but should he fall short of nabbing that one, should he receive some sort of consolation prize for being a regular season champion of sorts?

When NASCAR first implemented its Chase system, it insisted that it wasn’t a playoff. After all, drivers and teams aren’t eliminated each week during the Chase for the Sprint Cup. But it still seems like a post season, with the first 26 points races on the schedule being the series’ regular season and the final 10 being a 10-event playoff.

With the Chase format, the biggest concern throughout the first 26 races isn’t so much the points lead, it’s merely being in the top-12. And once safely in the top-12, the focus shifts to winning races to obtain bonus points to head into the Chase with—not claiming the top spot in points.

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Photo of Kevin and DeLana Harvick by Amanda Vincent


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