Sunday, April 25, 2010

Busch vs. Busch: Talladega

Kyle Busch

Nationwide: Coming off of his win at Texas and trying to decide whether or not to run a full season, Busch had a decent weekend before it even began. He was ninth and second in practices and qualified 11th. As most drivers believe, he said qualifying at 'Dega doesn't matter. Because of the rain, the Nationwide race was directly after the Cup race, just like at Texas last weekend. He led a total of four times for 16 laps but kept having overheating problems. He got clipped by a car while trying to come in for a green-flag pit stop, causing major damage to his right rear side, which caused him to have to come in again, falling behind. In the end it wouldn't matter any way, as he was taken out of the race on lap 113 in a small version of “the big one.” He finished 37th, seven laps down.

Cup: Busch seemed to struggle a bit with his Cup car, finishing 20th and 16th in practices. With rain washing out qualifying, he started sixth. Busch was involved in a small “big one” on lap 84, but sustained only minor damage to his car. He led the race 8 times for a total of 22 laps (the third highest number of laps led for a leader). He went back and forth with all the leaders but couldn't quite get to the front at the end. He finished right behind his brother in ninth place.

Kurt Busch

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This article originally published at LV NASCAR Examiner and republished with permission from the author.

Photo Courtesy: Farrah Kaye


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