Thursday, August 26, 2010

Do haters dislike Busch for domination or personality issues?

Is Kyle Busch an a@#? Brad Keselowski obviously thinks so, and he had no problems expressing his opinion of his fellow competitor last Saturday night during driver introductions preceding the Irwin Tools 500 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race at Bristol Motor Speedway in Bristol, Tenn. When handed the microphone during pre-race ceremonies, Keselowski said what he thought about Busch after introducing himself, something he said another driver—Juan Montoya—said he wouldn’t do.

Busch has drawn the ire of a lot of NASCAR fans since his entry into the national ranks a few years ago. He does have his supporters, though, and even most of those who claim to hate the guy will admit the the driver has a lot of talent and is one heck of a race car driver.

While Busch lovers and haters seem to agree that Busch is a great race car driver, there is something they don’t agree on—why all the hate? According to Busch fans, Busch haters are simply haters because the guy wins all the time—an argument they seem to have borrowed from Jeff Gordon fans, ala the 1990s.

The haters see it another way. According to them, the strong dislike for Busch—a dislike so strong it seems to make stomaches turn at the mere mention of the driver they love to hate—is the guy’s attitude.

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